August 01, 2009

What is the purpose of RACE in a bill?

I received an e-mail that many of you out there may have already received one....... it's the race information that is written on the bill of the Pizza Hut Restaurant. My friends and I had a discussion once, on this same topic in school and they claimed that the rate of service charge and taxes that Pizza Hut charges on the customers are based on the race information written on the bill..... As usual, it remained as a discussion only.....then I wonder, but, if what they claimed was true, why didn't other people bring the matter up? Other people didn't know about it?......I don't think so because there are definitely many people out there who have received the same e-mail.

The following are some pictures that were attached in the e-mail:

As alleged by the e-mail I received, the word C was claimed to be Chinese

Therefore, the help of the readers are needed to help to checkout on the receipt whether the accusation made are true or it is just to check which race is eating a lot of pizzas. Before signing out, a word of advice.... Please do take care of yourself because it's the very pandemic H1N1 (aka BABI FLU) season and do not be ashamed to wear a mask... Wearing a mask doesn't make you an Optimus Prime but it may save your life so 'Jaga muka or pentingkan kesihatan?'. If any information was obtained please leave them as comment.

Virus mask given out free by the health officers


The Politician.


Jetblack said...

So u wear a mask everywhere la???hahha


Jetblack said...


Oh dear, racism served in on a sizzling plate of pizza in Pizza Hut....

How terribly pathetic.

The Politician said...

I am still not sure yet about the racism in Pizza Hut.

To Farmer:

Anonymous said...

Try getting a group of friends of various races to makan there and see what they write... "M" for muhibah? or "C" for campur-campur? =P

The Politician said...

Yup, that is why I need you guys out there to help me check when you people go for Pizza Hut:)