July 04, 2009

The Big Air Hole Is Still Number One

People always gets excited when they are talking about cars...... what's the fastest car in the world, what's the most expensive car in the world, what this and that and everything else in the world......Okay fine... change the first word from people to guys because I don't know any gals that actually interested in cars....but anyway those who wants to know there you go:

Bugatti Veyron is still the fastest car in the world and not Ferrari FXX or McLaren F1. Even thou it is not practical and it was created with a huge 'longkang' in front of the car to allow the car to be the fastest car in the world. It is often said to be beautiful by my friends which I disagree with. It is just designed to be the fastest but seriously does it look like a car! But who cares rite, it's fast so it's 'beautiful'. Tested by Top Gear on November 2006, the top speed recorded was 407km/h and that speed is about one-third the speed of sound at sea level.

The tires can only lasts about 15 minutes at top speed so it is not a problem to drive it at top speed for 14 minutes and being able to drive more than that is suicide...........but there is an indicator that won't allow you to drive it that long at top speed...it is the FUEL.. It consumes a massive amount of 40.4 Litres / km and the car has to go for it's pit stop at the 12 minute if it was driven constantly at top speed. I was calculating the time that I need to go from Seremban to Ipoh which usually take me about 4 hours.... would only take about 44 minutes!! That is if the car need not to be refueled.....haiz....

It costs a crazy 1.55 million USD at a base price and it is not worth it to buy if one were to follow the speed limit and use it in the city! I recommend this car for the people who travels a lot on the highway because this will make your journey seems short and even shorter if you make a mistake when driving it. You can even test it's power on the nice PLUS highway..... don't bother about the cops as they can barely see you... but when you reach the exit..........Ouh yeah, I forgot, you just cannot be millionaire to buy this car, you need to be a millionaire who has more than 20 millions! It is because the price is in USD and when it is converted in RM that will be a few times more and add another 200% of taxes plus many more paying stuffs and you need to maintain it too...... in other words there is always proton! Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!!

The beginning of Bugatti Veyron.

Still need to be improved

Some improvements

Almost done

DONE!! This was the 'ONLY' picture that I found for the car.

It was so 'difficult' to find Bugatti Veyron pictures so I had 'no choice' but to put this.

The Politician.

(Sources: wikipedia, google, and BBC Top Gear)


Ultraman said...


Nice effort though.

Gregory said...

i got a pic of bugatti veyron...u want?

ANIL said...

whatever it is.....a lamborghini wins on the spot..hhahaaha

The Politician said...

I think the main reason Bugatti Veyron was created is because it can be the fastest car in the world...that's all!
It maybe faster than a Formula 1 car but it is nothing compared to a F1 car.

sacul said...

cool post man, and I hate to be a nag, but the Bugatti ain't the fastest anymore. It's a road car called the SSC Ultimate Aero.....

The Politician said...

To Sacul:
really?! Thanks for that!
I'll check it out.