July 09, 2009



I've decided to name the post Untitled is because there are simply too many things that I want to talk about so I thought wouldn't talking about everything in one post be space-savingly smart?

Anyway, so much has happened since my last post. Can't really organise myself to remember what I should type down, but I guess I'll try along the way.

I've got my holidays now. 6 freaking weeks of it. I think I gotta get a job or something. I dunno what the hell am I gonna do. I just got back in my game, people, and now I'm back to holidays. Not that I don't appreciate it, it's fantastic but I just felt a little cut down after being so used to college life which I love. I gotta say, I've learned a lot through this one semester alone in college. It's just amazing the differing views of people and the arguments on certain issues. I mean those arguments as in good ones, not some bitter whiplash between bitches. Thank God I was pointed to HELP, seriously, it's all good :)

So, I suddenly remembered this one time in Penang. I went up there with my parents after my SPM trials for this couples 60th wedding anniversary (let's see you pull this one, Hollywood). We arrived at this rather Chinese-fancy restaurant and I find out that I'm seated away from my parents. I was like, oh shit, but you know, I didn't wanna mess up the arrangements. At the same time, I don't want some people to come up to me and start conversing in Mandarin or Hokkien. So it's some avoidance-avoidance thing going on. I sat down at this table with some aunties and these two other couples. They were nice people, and not forgetting, LOUD but I'm cool, considering the fact I was brought up around louder Hakka people. So you know some of them were a little tipsy after a few drinks which I too had a few (oh leave me alone), but I was fine. So anyway, here's the deal. This couple next to me consisted of an Indian man called Desmond David (DD) and a Chinese woman whose name I've forgotten(CW). Here's how it went..

DD: So how long have you known the couple?
Me: Oh, not that long... just some time ago, through family...
CW: Oh, Suzanne (the celebratory woman of the evening), is an extremely good person. She
prays for our Nicole all the time. It's probably why she is doing so well.
Me: Yeah, hey that's great!

So the evening went on until it was time to say goodbye. And as we're standing up and saying goodbye to everyone, I overhear this woman (W) talking to the David family.

W: How's Nicole doing?
DD: She's fine, thanks. Very busy year for her. She has a lot on her shoulders now.

That got me thinking and linking. Desmond David... Nicole... *rush of realisation* .... not Nicole, NICOL!! NICOL DAVID..

That's right. I, the blur sotong, was seated next to Nicol David's parents and never once mentioned a word of congratulations to them on the great success of their daughter as an international squash player. I was smacking my forehead all the way back to the hotel. I really couldn't believe myself, lolz.

I got another story for you. It's to show us how undiscovered we people are internationally. Well not so intensely but on some distinct level. My English lecturer had a friend (F) who once went to the States to study. When she was there, people asked where she was from. She said Malaysia.

Americans: OOOHHH, do you guys still live in treehouses?

There was a moment of WTF.

So my lecturer's friend decides to play along to see how much they would be pulled into her bullshit that she was going to tell them.

F: Why, YES, yes we still do... emhmm, we actually have our houses on trees! Not to mention, the universities, the government offices, the schools, the instituitions... you name it! Our only mode of transport are those tree vines where we would swing from tree to tree to get to places. Yes, we're an interesting bunch of people...

And they believed it! LOLZ! Afterwards, my friend had to tell them the REAL truth. Poor little American things. This goes to show and confirm people's theories of how stuck some Americans are in their own world. I stress on the word SOME, I did not say all.

Did anyone see the MJ memorial. So sad and touching, don't you think? Especially his daughter's short emotional speech. It aches my heart for those little people to lose their dad at such an age, but as Queen has always sung, the show must go on and so must their lives.

Oh by the way, guys, go watch Persepolis. Search it up on IMDb or Wikipedia. It's a very awakening animated film about Iran and the hardships some people there go through. It breaks the stereotypical thinking of some non-Iranians towards those people. It was even nominated for an Oscar. So it's pretty good stuff, go watch it. It's in French though, so if you can get your hands on an English version through downloading or purchasing the DVD, it would be great.

Anyway, guys, ta for now! If any of you wanna hang out, just call me and we'll try to arrange something. Oh six weeks, I embrace thee.



Anonymous said...

You didn't know who Desmond David was in the 1st place, don't blame yourself too much la. Anyway... 6-week break? Nice! :)
You should change Betch~ to BLUR Betch...

Jetblack said...

eh yeah la, not bad the suggestion...

Ultraman said...

A proof that I ain't no lazy ass. Unlike the other readers who don't leave any comments.

Yea it's YOU YOU YOU.