July 17, 2009

This and that and everything between.


I named my post the above because:

(1) It makes no sense.
(2) I think I got it from a book from a bookstore.
(3) I think a film director should name their next movie that.


Driving. The last time I spoke of it, it wasn't exactly a good testimony. Remember that post I was betching about that beast of a driving inspector who gave me hell while we were on the go? Yeah, this time, it''s the people. It's nothing bad, but everytime I go places either with my friends or family (F), it'll be something like this.

F: Oh, you're here! Good, ok so where are your parents?
Me: They're not here.
F: Oh, did they just drop you off?
Me: Uh, no. I drove here.
F: OH! You can drive! Wow.

So, what's the deal really? Loads of people are just in such awe and disbelief that I can turn a car wheel now. They just somehow won't or can't grasp that I can drive. Yes, I didn't get my license until I was 18 when I could've done it the year before I turned the big one-eight (which isn't really a big deal unless you're planning to get drunk every night, do drugs, get laid or maybe die from one of the three... I dunno, I'm only guessing). Alright, just in case some of my people are still unaware, YES I DRIVE NOW... DON'T BE SHOCKED THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU, OK? GROOVY...
Although I will say this. I'm not so sure if I can drive a manual car anymore. I can technically but confidently I dunno. The last time I drove a manual car with ease was the Perodua Kancil during my driving test. Aside from that, no. It's not that I don't have manual cars at home, it's because the two manual cars are inaccessible to me. My brother's car is a manual but it's way too modified for me... like one touch of the accelerator and off I go with the speed of light.... into my living room (!!!). The other car is a Proton Wira which is my age or older. Yes, I'm not messing around. The thing has arthritis or something, it shakes and trembles like it has nerve problems. I know you're thinking I'm exaggerating, so if you want, I could always take you for a ride in the 'roller coaster'. I will warn you though, the results are usually not so good, so you know, take the hint.

Alright, anyway, I dunno why recently I've been having recurring dreams that had violent or thrilling themes. Like the other night, I dreamt I was getting chased by this group of people. I can't remember why they were chasing me in the first place. But you know, whatever, I was pretty scared shitless. I remember some of them even catching me and I was thrashing and kicking them till I was free. There would be running and shooting. Did you guys watch The Invasion? It wasn't so good, like a 5/10, but the alien-possessed people there that were chasing Nicole Kidman was something like the chasers in my dream.

Another time I remember, I dreamt I was being chased and shot at by Peter Petrelli from Heroes. I dunno why I dream crap like this up but I did anyway. I dunno why he was chasing me, maybe I stole his powers or something.

And the scary thing is I get up and I'm panting like I've just finished a race or something. It was disturbing. But I didn't have any difficulty falling back asleep, thank God. I wonder who will be chasing me tonight in my dreams. If it's Sylar, I'm dead, lolz.

Alright people, the next time you will hear from me is after the politician and the nelayan post something up. I'm getting writer's block as you all can see how short this post is compared to my previous ones.

I apologise for the chance of font colour. I dunno what the heck I did. I can't seem to get it back to white again. Oh bugs.

God bless.

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Anonymous said...

Haha... arthritis Wira... nice~ My Hero have some kinda mild Parkinson's ...!!!