June 29, 2009

Michael, did you really have to go? Oh and Farah, you too...


Alright, as you all may have guessed from the title, I'm gonna talk about Michael Jackson. The King of Pop as dubbed by Liza Minelli, has sadly passed away due to cardiac arrest (allegedly). The whole world mourns his death, according to CNN.

Okay, here's my story of his death. I was really sad that he died all of a sudden not because he had the upcoming tour or something, but basically of the fact that he's Michael Jackson. This dude had brought a whole new variety to music in this generation. Honestly, I don't think Justin Timberlake would have made it big without Michael's influence of music in his life. Not just Justin, but all the pop stars out there, all the big names in the music industry.

I honestly believe that he could possibly be the most famous person in the world. No joke. Here's why. Even my not-very-informed-grandmother could call up my aunt and say...

Grandma: Ah Mun ar? eh nyi ti tao mor? Michael Jackson si hoi wor... yien wong! (Ah Mun ar, eh you know or not? Michael Jackson died! poor thing!)

Aunt : Haiyoh, ngai kang hei ti tao mah. Nyi yu ti, ngai em ti tao meh? Haha! (Haiyoh, of course i know he's dead! If you would noe, surely i would too?)

Grandma: Ngai lo men ti nyi! hehh! (How i noe u? hehh!)

This was all in Hakka by the way, HILARIOUS when my aunt told me! Lolz.

I'd bet even kampung people in the rural side of Kelantan would know.

"Eh kapan ya, Michael Jackson dah meninggak!"
"Apo pula? Kena'pak?"
"Skit jatung!"
"Arh arh ya!"

So, in a way, MJ has basically taken the world by storm, with his slick dance moves and high-key singing. This dude can sing an dance awesomely. Usually, you would get singers now who can sing but cannot dance, or dance but cannot sing. This dude has both! How cool is that? And as a bonus, he also has really good and catchy songs. C'mon, how many freaking No.1 hits has the dude snatched up? Every single album he releases is a 100% hit! Thriller is probably his most successful and best selling single of all time! Everyone of his songs just wanna make you dance and sing or cry (Heal The World, Earth Song, You're Not Alone).

But I guess fame has a price. This I have to lay it down on Michael Jackson. Dude, you should have organised your stuff right. His stardom overtook everything in his life basically. He can't even have a normal life after 2002. He was constantly bombarded with criticism, tabloids, rumours, and death threats even! Seriously, whose heart wouldn't explode due to the pressure of it all? A shame he spent the last years of his life suffering all of his haunting problems from the world. I feel really pitiful for him really.

But anyway, that's life and it must go on, and does the show.

I feel bad that I didn't talk Farah Fawcett when she went first before Michael. Lolz. Yeah, she died of anal cancer (ouch). It's sad as well, I mean she was one of the angels in the hit 70s TV series Charlies Angels, and she was apparently a sex icon too. But you know what's funny is that her death was trodden on by Michael's death since he died shortly after her. I can imagine the CNN people in the newsroom.

CNN: Today, we're devastated to announce the death of Farah Fawcett, former star of the hit
TV Series Charlies Angels. She died at the age of 62 with ... (pager beeps and he takes it
out and reads it) OH MY GOD, Michael Jackson's dead! Cancel the show, people, we're
making a new one!

And they rush to the hospital Michael died in, crowding the poor stretcher with Michael on it. Tsk tsk tsk, you reporters.

Even in newspapers or magazines, they give these long columns of Michael's death and in one tiny little corner of the column, it reads "Oh yeah, ermm Farah Fawcett died too" FULL STOP. A little unfair, don't you think? Oh well.

They must be quarrelling and bitch-fighting in the land of ghosts.

Farah: You bitch, you stole my thunder!
Michael: You the bitch, bitch!
*wrestles and fights on the floor while fellow spirits Hitler and Napoleon nearby shake their heads and go AMATEURS*

Sorry for the language, guys, but wouldn't that be funny? Lolz.

Well feel free to comment and add some stuff that we don't know about Mike and Farah.



Ultraman said...

MJ's death is a relief from this cruel world. Life was taken away since the Jackson 5. Fame has its price to pay.

I didn't know who Farah was. But may she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Zaaah... Farah Fawcett!!! I hope she kicks MJ's plastic ass where ever they are right now!