February 16, 2009

Blessed and touched.


OK, lots to cover, so let's get the show on the road. Before I do so, so sorry to all readers for not updating. Writer's block. :(

Anyway, I had a FABULOUS time at church youth camp this week or specifically Aspirers Retreat.
We were at this place called El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah, Melaka and it was great. I liked the place alot except for the mosquitoes, of course. However, they weren't much of a problem for me because they hardly came near. Then again, what do u expect from a foresty area?

Pastor Julie Khoo was our camp speaker and boy, isn't she energetic... Man, lolz... I knew who she was but I had no idea she was so filled with energy! She is a great speaker, by the way. She spoke the Word to us each day and even shared some of her personal stories and encounters. She prayed for the leaders of the youth ministry and for everyone else who wanted to experience the presence of the Lord. I felt it and I was at peace.

The theme of the camp this year was EXPECT. Expect great things from God. Expect God's blessings in our lives. Expect anything really but of course, it depends on your intentions of your expectations. I admit, I came to camp not expecting, but I felt blessed and touched anyway. I sure missed the whole environment of the youth ministry. I haven't been attending Aspirers for 3 years, so I've kinda been missing out.

The one thing about Aspirers retreat is that you sort of leave everything behind, all your worries and troubles are suddenly lifted from you, and you find rest in God. I could see everyone there felt free and peaceful. It was a great experience. There was crying, there was shouting... it was all a cry to the Lord. Some were so deeply burdened that when God touched them, they instantly released all their sadness.

Well, I know some of you readers are kinda sceptical about what I just said about God touching us and all, but it's true. God was really there. Some of you may accuse it to be a state of mind, but you can't really know for sure until you feel it, until you know it. I did and let me tell you, it felt wonderful.

You may choose to mock me or ignore me. I don't make your decisions, I don't need your approval but I put forth my point anyway. I don't diss and condemn any other religion too. I just hope one day, you may see the truth.

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