February 21, 2009

A thing was in my house.


One night, I was up in my room, playing Left 4 Dead (don't judge me!) and listening to music and stuff. There was this audible crash downstairs but I thought it was just someone dropping something. So I shrugged it off.

2 hours later, I went down to go to bed and I stepped on something slippery. I realised it was banana pieces and it was scattered around the floor. And there was a small broken standing clock on the floor along with a silver vase.

It must have fell off the display when the wind blew, I told myself. So I went to get some tissues from my mom's salon. When I turned around and looked up, I was like "Oh my.....!"

The word 'gosh' was swallowed up because I couldn't identify what it was. It was an animal. But I couldn't get a name for it (forgive me, my brains have been rusty since Dec). It was either a very tiny fox or a huge squirrel. Brown fur. Long body. Then, it hit me that it was this thing that made those crashes before and he ate the banana!

I told my dad and Leonard about it, they came down and instead of helping it get out, they started taking a vid and some pictures. Funny people. Then, the creature darted across the room and messed up my mom's entire salon. We soon left it alone. Apparently, these things will leave before sunlight because they hate it. Vampiric creatures.

So that marks another vreature to have come into the house. Owl, python, iguana, the fox thing....wonder which animal will be next? At least, you know, I hope the next one wouldn't make such a mess...what the heck am I saying? I hope there wouldn't be a next one!

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