June 12, 2009

Stasis undone.


Yes, I am the betch of the three. Not so much bitch, but betch. A term I coined from 'bitch' as in I talk/insult/bash anything I find that has some level of considerable idiocy. I don't bitch to backstab people like the word defines, but I let out my opinions in my head, that sounds very provocative sometimes. It's hard to explain. You'll understand along the way of many more future posts. However, I can assure you my betchness is strictly for the blog.

Anyway, enough of my betchness. Who here's freaking out about the fact that it's now mid-June? Because I am. I just turned 18 some time back and I'm not ready to add another year to that digit. I've come up with a theory (I dunno whether any other dude has come up with it, but for now, it's me)... each time we're not looking at time, it sneaks past us without us knowing. I got a bit paranoid after having this feeling and also having that dream about me seeing myself 6 years ago or something (my previous post). But I'm cool, people, no pressure (*breaks chopsticks in half*)... ... Shyte!

Alright, so I decided to do this post, first of all, because I wanna verbally bash two dudes on a bus I saw the other day. I was on this bus to go to 1 Utama with a friend to watch 'Malaikat dan Syaitan' but ended up watching 'Keselamatan Pemusnah' which wasn't so bad either. On the way, this African woman came on board and she had a very exposed cleavage. So these two Malay teenagers saw her cleavage and they were like OOOOOHHHHH. Next thing I know they started taking pictures of her breasts! I'm like, could there be any more upper-level cheapskates around? It's probably even nobler to go buy porn, not that I'm sending any form of encouragement to anyone to do so. It's like it never occurred to them that all women have breasts before the incident. Ermm, guys, here's my advice... go back to school and pay attention in Biology class. Seriously, it would do Malaysia and yourselves a great deal of good. Get inspired from the *ever-so-useful* MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Speaking of buses, I also wanna voice out my disgust about some people who use public transport in KL. I was waiting for the bus to get to another station to go home to Seremban. When the bus arrived, it was naturally quite full. The people at the bus stand began pushing their way to the entrance. It was like an escaped circus of animals creating a riot. I swear, if you were in my imagination, you'd probably get to enjoy the slow-mo version of the scene and of course the added playback of animal sounds. Vicious, vicious, vicious. C'mon, you guys, everyone's gotta head somewhere, it's not only you. Have some sense of considerance! It won't kill you to have some patience, no? I mean, even if you miss the bus, wait for the next one then! It always shows up every 20 minutes anyway. Geez.

Here's something funny. In psychology class, I learned something about Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious. According to him, he says the slip of your tongue to some words is a form of manifestation of your unconscious. Well, that wasn't the funny bit but this. These Koreans guys in my class are so funny when they exclaim something in Korean. Okay, you know for example, some people say 'sex' instead of saying 'six'? So when the lecturer said 'sex', the Korean guys were like 'Huoa!'

I couldn't stop laughing. It was like the first time they'd heard of the 'sex' word. It's anything really. Anything surprising said to them, they would go "Huoa!" I'll demonstrate how they say it when I run into you some day, readers :)

Has anyone seen the haze in Kl lately? It's so bad, I was actually suppose to come back on Thursday evening. The haze was hanging over the jam in PJ like a dark cloud. It was crazy. I've actually just come back. And about the haze, guys, watch yourselves. Don't wanna fall ill now, do we?

KL life is both a blessing and a curse. The jams there are such great wrinkle-inducers.

So ends my post. Ta-ra, my good people!


Ultraman said...

wah bitch.

the politikian's entry hasnt even ripen yet u have already pushed it below. i hope he doesnt kecik hati.

u saw 2 guys snapping photos of the african woman. how long have u been looking at her in the first place to realise she was being 'taken advantage of' ?

and oh Sir Sigmund Freud's theories are really something.

Syaza said...

Don't get me started on jakuns like those two Malay guys on that bus... People like them should be hung from their testicles and shot at.

And I find your bethciness a breath of fresh air, really. More, please? :)

Jetblack said...

Haha u r so cute Syaza...


Ultraman said...

Oh yes she is indeed cute, kelvin. kekeke

Jetblack said...

of course i saw da woman 1st and i noticed her cleavage, but wateva rite, loads of gals show off their cleavage.

then i spotted those dudes taking pics of her. my fren next to me n i were like "oh my days..."