June 10, 2009

A 'wonderful' experience in a government department

I don't know whether I am allowed to write some of my experiences on public service......because they might take some legal action against me but I will voice out a little bit about it.....just a bit......if I do say out a lot then I may end up like Raja Petra. I don't know much about the legal stuff on blogging but voicing out opinions should be alright.......I think. Hahaha....seriously I should read more on the rules and regulation on blogging and so do other bloggers out there.....we sure don't want to end up in ISA rite. Hahaha.

Okay, when we need to pay our compounds(cheaper type of summons that does not require us to go court and 'settle' there-'settle' it seems), income tax, road tax, renewing our driving license, we need to go to the government department and get them paid or else.......

I wanted to talk about this because I was amazed by the services that private sector provide us.... I went to a Perodua Sales and Service Centre for some errand and I was impressed with the service that they provided. The staff were very friendly and the workers there were hardworking and the good thing is they are all Malays. I am so used to seeing the Malays in the government departments that are acting busy, more talk than work and I personally think they need to do something to improve. I know not all private sector services are excellent and government sectors' services are bad but I strongly believe that you readers out there can see that when you go and experience it yourself. If you are lucky, you may get a seriously, I mean very seriously lazy!

I am not going to tell many stories that will boring you but I will tell one and this happened in one of the most important department- The Police Department. Before that, I'll start from the beginning........ About 7.30 AM in the morning.....don't bother about the day, I went to jog in the Lake Gardens which is a very usual thing for me except for the morning thing and it was a school holiday...... When I reached there, I kept my wallet in the motorcycle seat and locked it. I did it very discreetly to ensure that nobody was looking as there were a lot of 'budak-budak' around and they were all lepaking there.

After jogging, I went back to my motorcycle and I found out that my wallet was stolen from my bike.......maybe it was my fault that I kept it there but I have been dong it for almost 3 years and DA..... I did that on the wrong day and time......It was definitely the school kids work, I know but I couldn't do anything but to report to the police. I had so many important stuffs like my bank card, road tax(motorcycle), my license and many more cards lar.......

When I arrived at the police station, I asked the direction to do the report at the guard house and the police who wore the FRU uniform was very friendly and helpful. Then I arrived at the place where I can launch a report. The police officer who was going to take my report was a Lans Corporal (A post after Constable, if I am not mistaken) started asking lar about what happened and all....... Then I told the story to him. He was complaining all the way when I was reporting about what happened......he just had a little flu but he was whining about his SICKNESS to the other officer. The other officer who was new, was very enthusiastic with his job unlike the one I was reporting to. I pity him because he was working with such 'good' superior and 'exemplary' officer who will kill his enthusiasm to work.

He was saying lar "pagi-pagi tadi rasa nak ambik cuti tapi tu lah datang kerja jugak...and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and bla". Not enough with that he started asking me that how could the wallet be stolen because it was locked in the bike. He started talking in a very rude manner and instead of just listening to what I have to say, he was talking. I knew that he was too lazy to do a report and wanted me to pull back my intention to do a police report but OF COURSE I WON'T! Obviously he was damn lazy to do his job. Not enough with complaining and questioning me, he also said that "saya selalu simpan, takde pun curi....tak boleh curi punya!!"

My brother almost shouted at him in front of everyone but luckily the officer then stopped talking and started typing ONE BY ONE ALPHABET USING ONE TWO FINGERS!!!!! Can you imagine how slow he was?! And then when everything was done, he showed me the report and WALA! The report was so terrible and I am no going to talk any further about it. Then, a high rank officer came, and the Lans Corporal guy suddenly became so friendly and he tried to show that he was hardworking.

So there you go! One of my 'wonderful' experience in a government department....Police Station some more! By the way, the same thing happened when Bukit Antarabangsa landslide occured. An army who was a rescuer told to a victim that the incident was a good thing. The lady then reported it. And I didn't hear anything else after that. I wonder why? Hehehe.

Oh yea...before I end my post, I would like to stress that not all of them are lazy and bad, there are some who are fantastic at their job.... To think again why can't most of the government people be like private sector.....a little better services at least...... Is it because most of the lousy ones are thrown into that sector to fill up the workforce needed for it?.....I don't know. Any comments...Pls do so! Thanks.

The Politician:)


Syaza said...

Hello hello! Very interesting post there. I've been to the police department to accompany my mum as she lodged a report when someone broke the glass window of her car to steal her things.

I can't believe how inefficient the police are. Hardly anybody there but they made my mum wait for close to an hour before she could file her report. Sheeesh!

Anyhoo, from your style of your writing, I think I know which of the three you are. Go check out post #73 on my blog, you'll enjoy reading it (if you are who I think you are!). Hahaha. Keep the updates comin'!

Ultraman said...

Aiyah, blame polis inefisien blame itu inefisien.

have u ever thought of becoming a policeman? or know anyone who wants to be one?

srsly i wonder which kinda people from the society thats gonna join the pulis.

The Politician:) said...

To Syaza:
You went through it too! hahaha. Okay, I'll check it out. Thanks.

The Politician said...

To Ultraman:
I don't blame but it's a fact. Again, not all are bad but we cannot deny that most of them are inefficient. Thanks.