May 01, 2009

Customer is not always right!

Before I start, I would like to extend my appreciation for the comments and help for our posts!!

I went to Tesco about 9 morning on Labour Day. What so great about going to Tesco on Labour Day? Everything was the same but there were more customers than the other days because it was a holiday. I noticed when I entered Tesco there were so many cars finding for a parking space. Like you all know, some cars were following the customers that were walking back to their cars so that they can get a parking space........Fine with that, I did not bother to follow any because I know that there are many spaces at the other side. I just assume that they didn't know about them.

Then, I entered Tesco............wah, I saw so many people crowded in an area only and I can confidently say that everyone there was Chinese (I am not being racist okay!) I laugh because I remembered one of my friend who always say that "Chinese people and business man damn kiasu and very smart at cheating people". I don't know why I thought about that but I just did. Lolz. Looking at department like the stationary and sport which I was in, nobody was there. "hmm...weird... maybe there are some promotion and barang murah at the crowded place."

I followed my mum until the wet market then I am unable to go through easily anymore. I did not want to be in the crowded area so I went somewhere else. Pushing and pushing my trolley....... I found a spot that was away from the crowd. While looking at some vegetables, I saw this lady, trying her best to get as much prawns as possible, fighting with so many other customers mentally because the other customers were good at chosing prawns and they were fast too. Prawns were very cheap according to my mum so yea, go lady, do your best and gaduh for your prawns before they are gone. It's nice to see you know...! Hahaha. After a few minutes, all the prawns were gone! I am not suprise..... There were so many THAT kind of lady who were chosing prawns after I stopped looking.

Okay! My mum was done shopping. It's time to pay them. When we arrived at the counter, my mum told me that she forgot to get some MILO so I went to take for her. Walking to take some Milo, I saw the crowd again which I told about just now. Now I became one of them. Haha. I don't have a choice okay! I asked the officer whether there was any Milo left.......he said "yup and they are on the way. The previous stock was all sold out." While waiting, I saw everyone else that were waiting too.

Suddenly, the officer shouted, "give only 2 each!". That was fine with me. All the other officer was protecting the milo because they knew that everyone will rush for them. I just ask them that I wanted 2 and I went of from there. I turned back and I saw so many people rushing and pushing each other for the milo. The officers couldn't do anything. They tried his best to give them 2 each but they failed. The customers changed into jaws and all the Milo were gone. HAHA. Before they were gone, I know I had to do something and I did. I took out my phone and TAADAA!! I took pictures of them fighting for Milo!!! HAHAHA. When paying the things, I saw many having problems with the cashier because they bought so many Milos but they are only allowed to buy 2 each.

The officer was trying to stop them but he couldn't

Some even took a whole box of MILO
(If you see properly)
"Success! I have got a box of MILO"

I apologize for the blur images because they were taken using a phone.


dikk said...


bad time is bad.

nice pic btw. send em to The Star and u'll get RM50.

Anonymous said...

This is a typical example of Malaysian Consumerism!

Jetblack said...

Wow... i had a good laugh jems:)... remember to write ur name next time:)hahaa.. cant stop laughing:)