May 25, 2009



In my recent psychology class, my lecturer spoke of dreams and it's psychological theories. It's very deep and interesting. Sometimes, scary. It's only interesting if I tell you upfront. Typing it down would cause some confusion, I'm afraid. So, what I wanna post about are simply dreams. What are your definitions of dreams? By the way, this dreams are the ones you have in your sleep, not the goals you all keep in your heads.

To me, it may be very traditional of me to say this, but I think dreams can sometimes suggest considerably important things to you. For example, your friends are planning to snort crack or something and they've invited you to join in their 'joyous' activity. You considered it but you aren't sure yet, so you go home to think about it. Let's say, you've unconsciously agreed to give yourself up to drugs (I don't bloody hell know why) and that night, when you're sleeping, you dream of yourself getting knocked down by a bus and you die from it. You get up from it and suddenly realise "Shit, what was I thinking?" This is just a mere example, people, please don't get upset by my frank example, but that's just who I am :)

Just because dreams can mean something, it doesn't mean all of your dreams mean something, alright? You don't consult a dream interpreter and tell him "Doctor, Doctor, I had a dream that I was staring at a blue cat and it was barking at me. What does it mean? What does it mean?" He will probably point you to psychiatric ward.

I have rather disturbing dreams. There was this one night I think I dreamt of the End of the World. I was just walking in town, minding my own business, when suddenly there was a flash of bright white light and there was no more. After that, it was some blind floating enlightenment.

This dream that I'm going to tell you now is the weirdest one I've ever had. I dreamt I was in this sorta carnival. Full of vivid somewhat dull colours. I was walking around, looking at stuff for sale until I bumped into this little boy. I got a shock when I saw him. The boy was me in a much younger frame. I think the me in my dream would be 11 or 12 years old. He said hi and we got to talking. Couldn't remember what we spoke about but the amazing thing was that I was basically talking to myself. It was like talking to a mirror that would reply.

Aside from that, I've also had falling sensations. I'm just sleeping in my bed, when suddenly, I felt myself sink into the bed and fall into blurrier spinning colours. And moments later, I just snap up form my sleep and look around, a little terrified. Also these images that play in my head before I go to bed. It's like some picture show. I'm the director of my own dream hallucination, man, like what the hell? The scariest part is I can't snap out of it even if I wanted to. So I'm stuck with it until some point when I find a loop hole.

The coolest dreams are lucid dreams. I've been having those recently. It's fantastic. To escape and run wild in your dreams, unbound by reality and time. You're completely in control of your dream. What I dreamt about I kinda have forgotten, but I think it had something to do with the supernatural. Ha ha, me and my crazy imagination.

And through research and studies by professors, I am completely normal. SO if any of you had probably gone through some of the stuff stated, don't worry. You're just as sane as I am.

And before I forget, I would just like to say that I'm enjoying college a lot. I constantly enjoy what I study for once, unlike school for some subjects (I ain't bashing, but it's true).

It's nearly midnight. Gotta go, readers. Thanks for reading, and do leave a comment please. At least we know we aren't talking to ourselves.



Robokop said...

i rike dreams ya know.

there are dreams i had that were just plain ridiculous but is something to laugh about.

another type would be the scary sort where some mythical creature is hunting me down. i liked that scary and tensed feeling and it makes me feel strong inside.

the best kind of dreams is a dream where you've achieved what u've been hoping for in real life.

But waking up to realise it was just a dream gives you as much disappointment as the joy u had.

this is a nice entry, quack. hope to see more about u and ur psychology class.

Chooi Lin said...

Hey! =)

Dreams. I always seem to forget my dreams. Most of the time I get deja vu.

Looks like u are enjoying college. =) I wonder what is it like to actually study something u enjoy. I'm dreading my form 5 life. Screwed most of my mid-terms. Keep on wondering how can I actually sit for SPM which is only months away. I shouldn't have gotten into Science stream man. Hating it. *sigh*

Enjoy college life =) Looking forward for other post ;)

Darren said...


When i was about 5-7years old, i used to dream myself being in a bright white place with shadows of people. I use to wake up and crawl next to my mum because i get terrified. Another is myself being in a construction yard. Hated those dreams. :( And, i've experienced that falling sensation. At first its freaky, then some point later,it gets pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

u forgot about wet dreams