April 20, 2009

A crocodile in disguise

Something different this time. Recently, I had a friend who came to me and seek for advice about his relationship with his girlfriend- let her name be A. He almost cried in front of me when he told me that A wanted to break up with him because A knew that he was with some other gals..........so I listened to his story. Let me tell you some of his history before I tell you what happen next....... he was a not bad looking guy who can easily attracts many girls. He had sex almost every Saturday and Sunday in his girlfriend's home. Not only that, he did not only done it with his girlfriend but with so many girls that he just knew. There was once he had sex in a church camp....how terrible can that be.....! I tell you he looks like the most innocent guy at my place but hhhuummppphhhhh... he is undescribeable!! I think he had sex more than 100 times before with so many girls. I can't tell you everything because there are just too much terrible things about him but just keep in your mind that he is a very very nice guy for a friend but in that matter that I mentioned above, I don't have anyword to use on him but a crocodile.

After listening to his story, I told him to tell everything to his girlfriend about his history. If A really love him, she would definately hate him and even give him a slap but after sometime I think she should be okay lar, rite? hahaha. I don't know lar. That was just my predictions. hahaha. He did not agree with what I suggested to him and he told me that he wanted to continue lying to his girlfriend that he never had any kind of intercourse with other gals except with his girlfriend. Then I told him "you do not need my advice because you have already made up your mind." I was actually angry and disappointed with him because in my opinion he was just using A and so many girls just to satisfy his lust. The reason he did not tell A was because when he goes back to his hometown and there would be a silly gal who is waiting to have sex with him.

I did my best to tell him what he shouldn't do but he did not listen to me and he told me that " as Christians, as long as our heart are married to each other, it's okay to have intercouse and bla bla bla bla and bla" which was ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH TO ME.........then, looking from a more liberal mind, fine....since you still want to do it, then go ahead but you should at least take care of the gals that you liked and not only used them.

I asked him what would he do if A breaks up with him and suprisingly he told me that he was sad not because he was going to lose A but he cannot have sex anymore because he was busy with his university's assignments and it would be hard for him to find a new girlfriend to have sex with in the university or in his hometown now.

Wah........!!!!! I didn't say anything after that....

Looking from a Christian point of view, we shouldn't have that thingy before marriage but from a liberal point of view, I think it's okay but the person who he did with should be someone he really love and cared for and not just anyone who he can 'kau' with his good looks and because of that he can used them.......

So for the gals out there, please beware of guys like this who is good looking but a crocodile in disguise. He may be nice to you but no matter how nice he is just be careful...............And yea any suggestions or comments just do so.


Daniel Chen said...

Hey Warren, you might like to show your friend this awesome video to get him thinking:

Jetblack said...

Thanks Daniel for reading and the link. I'll try to use it to help him. The author for the post is not Warren.

dikk said...

It won't be easy for him to kick that 'habit'. I don't see any remorse in him at all.

It is a sort of addiction already. Get psychological help or he has to learn it the hard way.

The author should be Kelvin, no? I don't think Jeremy will write that much lol.

Anonymous said...

haha. its jeremy! gawd, ur 'friend' is pure rubbish. yee har here btw. :)

Jetblack said...

Thanks Dikky and Caramel-Lav for the comments. Psychological help, neh...... I don't think that will work Dik Wen.:( Hey, hey, the author's identity should be kept secret....haha

Anonymous said...

Here's a girl's point of view: HE'S A DICK.

That chick should dump him on his ass, give him the finger and move on to the very next person who deserves her. As for this uncouth, vile and disgusting person...I hope he burns in hell. Or at least get infected by a life-threatening STD.

I'm sorry, but people like him deserve the worst that they can get.

Lol. That was intense. I can get a little worked up reading about rubbish people like that. Anyways, secret-author-whose-identity-must-be-kept-secret, have a nice day! :)


Jetblack said...

Wow, very ganas comment...hahaha. Have a nice day too and thanks.