March 05, 2009



First of all, yay God for guiding me in my driving and I've now passed. Whoopy!

Now, from what I've gone through, I'm not a natural driver. I can drive but I'm just not natural like my brother who by the way, is a good driver with good automobile knowledge. I hope I drive responsibly and carefully in the future. Becoming a driver is a good feeling and I was most excited about it.

Until the JPJ test.

Drivers, you know when you're being tested, you drive up a slope and you brake at the peak, pull the handbrake up, and play with the accelerator and the clutch to drive all the way up? Yeah, I had trouble with that during lessons and it made me sad each time the engine stalls in between. I finally got the hang of it after much coaching from my driving instructor, Uncle Frankie. Well on that day, unfortunately I got a rather old Kancil with a loose accelarator and clutch, so the engine stalled twice on the peak of the slope. Thank goodness they don't fail you for that. In the end, I managed to bet through it and passed all three tasks (going up the slope, parking and the 3-point

Next was town-driving. I was okay about it really, no nerves going haywire.

Until I was in the car with a female examiner.

The woman seemed okay at first until she opened her mouth and blabbed. Holiness, you guys, I have never been so angry with someone before. Usually, I'm a cool-headed person. But I was PISSED with this &@!%%$&$!

I wanted to adjust the mirrors that was on her side and she went "ya (the A word)! Kenapa tak buat tadi? Kan saya tak de?" I was like "oh" but in my head, "how do I know that you will give me marks if I'd done it when you weren't looking? LIKE HELLO! SOME brains, if you please!". This was fine. Then when I was driving, she criticised that I drove like a 'bingai' and 'mabuk'.

Bingai means a person who is stupid, dumb, idiot who is smelly and the latter means drunk.

That was when my anger flared. I couldn't concentrate on the road. I was hot sulphur. What a rude, disrespectful, unprofessional piece of trash! I was so pissed that I couldn't even say a word after that. I just drove back, ignoring her "tukar gear!" and "jalan!" and "cepat!" and "eh, you faham bahasa tak?". I was going a bit fast in the school and she started "eh! brake sikit, BRAKE! Nanti kena langgar baru tau! AHHH (with that hideous accent)"

In my head, "Do you want your brains splattered all over the windscreen? Already I'm so tense, and here you are annoying the intestines out of me! And look, you aren't even wearing your seat belt! You'd be the first to die if I got into an accident THANKS TO YOU!!!"

I think I'd hang her if she didn't pass me. She passed me. Me, being a nice soft person which I regretted terribly later, automatically said "sorry" like a dumb dumb.

AND GUESS WHAT THE THING SAID NEXT : "(the A word), sorry apa?! tak pandu betul, 100 tahun pun tak boleh pass!"

I got out of the car, sent my papers in, gave my instructor some other paper, and waited for my Dad, fuming in the process.

This lady gave me her bitter shitty attitude out of nothing from start to finish. If you're having a bad day, SO??? Don't take it out on me! I'm just an innocent driver hoping to pass! If you're having that time of the month thing, don't go shooting your mouth off to me, thinking you're some queen, deal with the problem yourself! If you hate your job, like I give a rat's fart, QUIIITTTT!!!!! NO ONE'S FORCING YOU TO BE EMPLOYED!!

The very least she could strain to do was be NICE! She could have said I wasn't a good driver. She could have said I was a bit careless. BUT NO! She decided to call me a dumb drunk driver! The hag didn't even crack a smile when she got into the car.

I have nothing in my head about JPJ or the government for that matter. The test was fine. The driving was fine. It's just that thing that sat next to me during my test!

I'm fine, people, I just needed to express the repressed fury. Honestly, I've actually toned down the words that went on in my head during the test.

On the bright side, I can drive legally now! :)

Till my next ramble, ciao!


Anonymous said...

she sounds like mine. but not so foul mouthed! You'll get over this quickly. Once you get the thrill or tension of driving...

Anonymous said...

HAHA.i enjoyed reading that,warren. Mine called me 'bodoh', and i acted as though i don't understand malay, and i did tell him i only speak eng. U should hv tried that! Hehe