March 10, 2009

Take care for now.


In two days time, my SPM mates of 2008 and I will be receiving our results. Some of us are very nervous, some of us are very cool. Both sides are very natural. In my case, I dunno what I feel. I do realise the day is coming, but I'm like "Oh, okay". I guess I'm sorta excited and nervous about it, but not something that I can't sleep at night about, you know. I do take my SPM seriously, I did the stuff I needed to do to prepare for it. So, this would be mixed feelings? Good grief, am I this emotionally difficult?

And after my results, it's National Service. Again, another thing I feel very mixed about. People tell me good and bad things about this programme. One thing I'm sure about this is that I would have rather not been chosen because I could have entered college earlier. But now, I don't wanna postpone like some of my friends because what if they would call you back in the future? You wouldn't know. You can't be too sure. So just in case, I thought I'd rather get over this now than to spend a fraction of my 20s doing this programme with a bunch of 18-year-olds.

Whatever the case is, I lift them up to my Lord and hope that I'll be carried through. I hope I'll meet good friends there in NS.

These few months, you can say I've been thinking deeply about the future (or what many people these days say abusively.... "emo") especially among my friends. I tried looking 5 years from now when tight schedules are rampant and I sorta saw a decreased circle of friends. That made me sad because I know it's a possibility that the friends I see now, could very well turn into a hello-goodbye friendship. I'm talking about close friends here people.

Again, all this cannot be foreseen perfectly. We can make assumptions but we can never know for sure.

Well, this will probably be my last post until NS ends in June. Jeremy, if you're reading this, please post stuff up like once in two weeks at least, when Kel and I are away. I wish you all the very best in your SPM and STPM results, fellow readers. See you all when I get back... you know, when I'm bald and dark. Oh man now I've got something to be sad about, lolz.

Take care now, people! Au Revoir!

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