March 23, 2009

Does good results for SPM really matter??

Every year the number of SPM candidates who obtained straight A's increases and this year a Malay girl got 20A's! Wow, isn't she 'smart'. I noticed most of the Chinese people who has straight A's goes overseas and some just pursue their studies locally in private collages. Some that can't afford or prefer to continue their studies in school just go back to form 6. Basically, everybody that wants a qualification will go and study something, somewhere.

I heard and did the Additional Mathematics paper and everyone said it was not easy. But when the results were announced, it was very suprising that it still appear to be good but some didn't even finish the paper and a lot of questions were not done. Same goes to other subjects such as English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The government try to give hard questions but everybody ended up getting good results so what did the hard question actually do? I wonder too.

When the results goes bad, the graph goes down and everyone obtains excellent results. Anyway, SPM doesn't promise us anything eventhou one gets straight A's. Scholarship, yea maybe, continue school.......get ready to face one of the most difficult exam in the world STPM, private- got extra cash, no prob. The most important thing is when one finishes SPM, do the right decision on what he or she likes doing and not just doing something just because he/ she was forced by other people. Any regrets on the decision one makes after SPM would result in severe waste of money and time, the worst case is, it may put one's future on the line.

To wrap-up, SPM does not mean one has just finish the tiring part of life, but it is a part where one must do many important and heavy decisions which will determine where he or she will go next. The most simplest way to say it is SPM= Nothing......

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