August 06, 2010



I recently saw something that shocked me into realisation of how blessed I am in life and I should never complain. An uncle from church just showed me today a video of a man's house which was in ruins. But the man said he can't leave because there isn't anywhere to go. The house has only one room from what I saw. A huge space with everything simply arranged. It's like kitchen appliances are in one corner, a bed in the middle of the room, and a wooden table with some chairs lying around. The house had no roof. The zinc was basically hanging off the roof and there was no cover at all. He's basically just exposed to the weather. There's nothing to protect him from the rain.

I've seen things like this before but somehow when I saw the video, I was once again awakened to the plight of some people. It's so easy for us to be carried away by the treasures of life and complain about things that we don't have when these people almost have nothing. While some people struggle to make a living out of nothing, I feel some of us are giving our lives to nothing. We have a lot of waking up to do.

I have learned to keep our expectations of people at bay. If people know me well, I like to trust people. I don't like having a prejudice because it makes me feel bitter and miserable. I like to think of people as good and warm. But sadly, disappointment was just right behind those expectations. And well, let's just say I was indeed disappointed by some people. But I don't want to judge people but just let go. 

Well, I'm a believer in the fact that people are here on Earth for a reason and the only way we can get through life is to be a good person and to have faith that God is in control, no matter what. 

"Man never have what he wants, because man wants everything." ~ C. F. Ramuz

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