August 26, 2010

~ What if life ~

Hey readers!!! i sincerely apologize for the absence")")....was really busy with yea here I am... I'm doing great if u guys are wondering what happened to me")... life in uni is just so much different compared to high school!... well I'm still learning how to adapt...hopefully I'll be able to be fine when my degree starts.... As of now I'm still doing my foundations in UPM... A few more months to go before my real life starts on the track that I've planned... Upm's great...good friends kinda good lecturers and a CAR!! haha.... I'm so happy that I was blessed with a car sticker that enables me to drive to uni... now I've got my "legs"... but the fuel can be very killing sometimes")...

This is something that i wanna bless you with")").... I got this inspiration as i was completing my English assignment").... Its a poem that speaks of the poet's life...

What if life could commune,
What will it draw about you?

If life could look back at you in tears,
It wishes to tell you what it cheers and fears.

If life could look back at you in pain,
It questions if your life has joyous reign.

If life could bid you goodbye,
What are the memories that have gone by?

If life would make you run,
Will you have no fun under the sun?

What if life could commune,
What will it draw about you?

~ Kelvin Mun © 2010 ~

Well of course this is just some newbie stuff")")..but something in me felt so good after i wrote this one... I hope it touches your heart too!!!!

Have a blessed and a great day!!!


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