July 06, 2010



I'm gonna sound a little harsh today but then again, I am the betch of the three, so there.

I've been studying in KL now for a year give or take a couple of months and can't help but notice some things about people that either make me shrug in whatever-ness or cringe.

Well, the first thing is about some KL girls. I don't get why some of them speak with an American accent. Or at least they attempt to, with utmost failure I might add. It's soooooo FAKE. But you know, I took a step back and thought maybe I was jumping to conclusions too quickly. So I asked around and apparently they come from Malaysia, they studied in Malaysia their whole lives, they studied in public schools. I don't get it. I just do not get it. And it's not like it sounds intelligent. They take after those bimbos from those reality TV series and don't even make me start on Paris Hilton. It's as though when they were kids, they said "Someday I'm gonna grow up and sound like a bimbo! I'm like sooooooo excited....." But yes, I guess people will always be people.

And the other thing I noticed is how people use God's name in vain. And I'm not shocked, don't get me wrong, but I've always wondered why people don't swear in a deity that they worship. They're always using Jesus' name or God's name or one of the saints' names. You guys have seen it in western films, you guys don't need an introduction. Why can't it be "Oh Shakti and Siva in heaven!" or "Buddha damn it!"? It's ALWAYS God or Jesus that they use. I mean, not that I'm encouraging people to use their gods' names in vain, but it really is rather pointless and contradicting for them that they swear in God's name when they don't believe in Him. For me, I try not use the Lord's name in vain, as I'm Christian, what more non-Christians? I suppose it's those movies people watch now.

I notice a lot of guys have a sort of handshake now (page Snoop Dogg if you aren't sure of how it looks like). Usually the African American kids who are very into hip hop and rap would do that. And for some reason, it applies to Malaysian guys as well. It's not that I'm against that, but when Malaysian guys start to talk hip hop with me, I get nervous because I dunno how to reply them. I dunno if I'm suppose to talk hip hop as well or should I go into an Irish accent. I'm unsure anymore, really. Oh yes, the dressing must be betched about as well. I get if the kids in America do it, but why the hell do Malaysians follow suit? They've got the bling bling, the big t-shirts, the lopsided cap. First of all, the big t-shirts are not a good idea, considering we live in a blazing hot country. They're gonna sweat till they are reduced to a puddle and a hat. Honestly. Get real.

And for no reason, I just saw a cat chase a dog. Times are changing, huh? Social shifts. Ah.


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