June 28, 2010

Obvious Potential That Should Not Be Put To Waste...

When talking about Pizza, in Malaysia, people would think of Pizza Hut and some would also think of Domino's Pizza. Both have their own specialty but my choice would be Domino's Pizza as the more preferable one. Probably it is due to the choice of thin crusts which make the pizza taste better. Anyway, I am not going to promote them as I am not paid to do so but I think Domino's Pizza could easily expand it's business but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I know that it is very famous for it's fast delivery but since I had the free time, I went to dine at the Domino's Pizza restaurant. When ordering, I was required to give my phone number and my name. Not only that, the cups used in Domino's were the polystyrene cups and I had to eat the Pizza right from the boxes.

It was certainly a surprised for me and I think even though they do not prioritize dine in customers, they should at least have certain standards as they are a big franchise and a well known one too.

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