June 21, 2010



Okay, I've got a story based on something that may interest you and my blog partner, the Politician. Last weekend, I was in counselling with a trainee therapist and in a way, it could be called a therapy session. but you see, I was only there for the experience and the bonus marks. I did not have any social or behavioural problems.

Haha, I'm sorry for bursting your bubble. I know the moment you guys saw that I was in therapy, you all wanted a little drama. You know the usual sofa, and me lying down and getting hypnotised and stuff. Well, sorry lah... no such thing happened. I was not prescribed vicodin or any drug to keep me sane. So rest assured, I'm still me...*twitch*...*twitch*... SEE? :)

Okay, so this therapy thing was for my class called Human Personality and in the bonus mark section, there was this counselling session that students had to apply for. So I signed up without regard to what I'll say during the session. Just within that day, a woman called me to set up an appointment and before I know it, I was on my way to counselling.

The funniest bit was when I had somehow ranted on and on about my family, friends, myself, my interests, what bores me, what doesn't, what annoys me.... and the therapist wouldbe nodding intently as I went on and on. She was exactly how you would imagine a therapist to look like... talk about your stereotypes huh? LOL. A friend of mine suggested I pretend to have an imaginary friend and I replied "What am I, a five-year-old ar?" I was tempted to say "I see dead people and I see one sitting on your shoulders. She's pweeetttiiiieeee..." Not funny? I didn't say it was for everyone. Scare the poor trainee therapist only. Haha.

Human Personality is the bomb, seriously. The work, not so much, but it's really learning about the diverse personalities that is inborn in every human being. It all comes down to who you uniquely are as an individual. Surprisingly, it doesn't diss the existence of God, like how some psychology subjects do. Let's face it, we're complex creatures.

I'm so psyched right now.

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