March 03, 2010

You have just been betched at!


The world is in such great turmoil now, I really have no clue what's gonna happen next. You notice how people just decide to only act after certain happenings? It's so strange for me as I (and a whole lot of other people) perceive they don't learn from the past. I think it is our ego and our uber strength to voice out their self-opinionated views without any regard whatsoever to people's feelings. Yeah the common defender of such attitude would say this, "Why the hell should I care? It's only my opinion... I have the right, don't I? So why are you making such a fuss?"

Well, there's a difference between an opinion and a rude remark. A lot of people dunno that. That's another reason why countries are constantly at war with one another from every aspect. A GREAT example would be from your very own CNN. The debaters there are ALWAYS interrupting each other! How do you expect a message to ever get across from one nation to the other when the recipient keeps going "But you see...(grandmother politics story)", "You should understand... (a self-righteous financial explanation)"..... The list goes on. The only conclusion I can ever draw on such CNN international debates in a Malaysian way is this: noo mehners wan ar tis people?

Alright, so about the jizz....

This evening, around after dinner, I was walking home to my well-maintained jailhouse (HELP Residence) when I suddenly ran into a couple fighting. LOL. You guys, that was probably one of the most memorable awkward moments of my life. I spotted them from a distance already and I thought I could just walk past without interrupting. The problem was that they kept shoving and pushing and shoving and moving, to the point that they were obstructing my way back. There I was turning at every corner trying to get past them but they kept on fighting oblivious to the fact that people could be staring. Plus, the exchange of heated words sounded so scripted, I started looking around to see if there could be a director with his camera, shooting an episode for his melodrama TV series on Astro Ria, from a corner with his crew. In the end, I had to walk to the other side, making my journey longer. Idiot couple. Please take the drama home. Malaysia has enough drama already. Your drama is not needed. So tolonglah.

I know this may be a little offensive, but I thought if I cause a verbal war no matter how I address the issue, I thought "GO BIG". I'm sure there are some readers here who smoke, right? But actually ar, can you give me a valid reason as to WHY you guys smoke? Aside from the common "it's cool", "i like it", "my friends are doing it" and "HAH CAN GET CANCER WAN AR?" response, anything else? Something that could justify the act, maybe? I really don't understand, so please enlighten me. Do you guys feel rebellious for doing so? Because if you do, I hate to break this to you, but your body is gonna rebel against you too. Not only that, after that, got face problem also. Stress la... no meh?

I'm not campaigning against smokers or smoking by the way because the government might come and tembak me for bashing their most profitable product. I'm just looking for a super convincing reason why. Just give me your answers in the comment box.

I must now return to my reality of composure and propriety. It has been a good post of betchation. To any international reader who might not understand the Malaysian slang here, I'm so sorry but that's just how I roll. It's one of the few Malaysian things I can be certain and proud of. :)

God bless, everyone ;D


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused by some of your lingo, I assume it's rooted in Malaysia. Wan ar? Tembak? Explain please, I should like to understand... and this, "noo mehners wan ar tis people?" Perhaps your point was to make it sound like gibberish, but that's just a guess.

As far as smoking goes, there is no REAL reason, no good reason either... I smoke, not because it's cool -- though my reasons ar similar -- but because it represents something to me, it's a symbol and an ideal of a past time that I feel has been lost -- even in the product itself. Smoking is no longer cool, relaxing or anything of the sort as it was in the US -- and likely elsewhere -- circa 1950. And though it is a stain on the good times that came out of the era, the "look and feel" of it are a bit of a throw back -- in some case. It's a false and unhealthy hope, but it manages to cast over- and under-tones of what it once was -- going beyond that, at one time, smoking was a spiritual thing (granted, it didn't have all of the uneccesary expensive -- and deadly -- additions to the concoction.

All in all, there's no reason, as previously stated, save a matter of choice and will. As far as the body rebelling against the smoker, that doesn't happen, the body, unfortunatly doesn't have a chance to rebel before the smoking does it's damage and by the time that occurs, the body hasn't the proper immunity to attack the damage.

Oh, oh, on an interesting note concerning immunity to cancer, there is currently a "vacine" -- in qoutations because a vacine is a prevention method, where as this is more like a post-immunization occuring after the fact -- that has been produced in the form of a monthly shot that allows patients with brain cancer to avoid chemo and such nonsensical tactics -- nonsensical because they damage the body and cause other unwanted side effects, generally only making the patient suffer for a longer time so that their family can be happy to have them around for a longer time -- by increasing the ability of the immune system to actually fight off the tumor itself -- whereas chemo, of course, while attacking the cancer also attacks other cells within the patient.

And no, I'm not forbidding chemo, it's helpful in some cases, but I think the public needs to see it more as a transition from nothing to something far greater, not as a form of fighting cancer in itself -- a temporary solution that must, in the future be abandonned for something better down the road (if that ever comes).

Enough of my rambling though... I shall await a reply -- hmm, Warren, it may be easier for you to just send me a message via facebook, as I read this blog only when you make note of it there.

Betch said...

Mr. Anonymous, your comment is very much appreciated. however, i wud not noe how u wud receive the msg from facebook when i dunno who you are...

perhaps you should send me a message thru facebook?

Good day.

Betch said...

"noo mehners wan ar tis people?" means "Don't these people have manners?"

"Wan ar" is really just a common slang.

"Tembak" is shoot in the Malay language.

I apologised though, didn't I? Lol. Well anyway thank you so much for reading this.

I would like to reply you on Facebook. But I can't, because I dunno who you are. Pls send me a Facebook message.