February 26, 2010

Changes you don't see in Malaysia

Gays and bisexual….. what do they mean? Haha, I guess almost everyone knows the meaning and if you don’t, look them up in the dictionary.

About a month ago, it was my semesters break, as usual, being a person who enjoys accompanying people to the malls and shopping complexes, I was at many places in one day. While letting the person browsing and comparing prices of the desired products, I went to a bookstore to check out some magazines.

Before heading to that department, I noticed there was I Malay guy who was looking at me!!(please bear in mind, I don't discriminate any races or groups, just the truth of what happened). Okay nothing wrong with that but it became a little scary when he started following me from one shop to another!! Hmm…… I was wondering “what was he up to” ……….. I know that he was either gay or bisexual but I didn’t bother.

After reading the “Top Gear” magazines, I head to a game shop to check out some new games and then, all of the sudden, he did the annoying whistle that guys often do to gals, not the “wheew weet” but the one where you have to inhale the air to produce the sound. Haha, if you don’t get it, just think that he called me.

I stopped walking, then I asked him “Ya, bang, ada apa-apa ke?”……. He replied “takde apa-apa, Cuma nak tanya, awak boleh jadi………. Bla bla (not important)”. He was actually asking me to be his model…….haha……..I just said that I can’t help him because I had a lot of work. Haha, I was thinking to myself that he must have an ‘udang di sebalik stone’ and yeah, it is true, he was a bisexual! I was right!

Since I have just made my facebook profile public, because of too many acquaintances requests, I had no choice but to just add everyone. He started mesagging me in facebook and very often I would just ignore because I know what do he wants!!!! Haha.

Many more of those things happened to me but that’s it for now. Moving on to my observation and analysis (haha, sounds serious huh), the number of Malays and Chinese guys who are turning gay (I am talking about Malaysia so no whites here) are increasing very rapidly and they are becoming more bold in asking guys!! They would just come up to you or message you in facebook and then after some crap conversation, they would pop-out the question! Not only that, many gays and bisex are now open, meaning they are not ashamed that they are gays and wouldn’t mind of others know about their orientation.

Picture taken from: vitayas.wordpress.com

To conclude my post, Malaysia has changed a lot but on the surface but we would not see it. Some of the things are Social, Judiciary, Politics (of course) and many more that we would not see on the TV. Fortunately, Malaysians are now, smart enough to analyze what’s happening in our country ;)

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David Kray said...

Hmm, the title of this post caught my eye, "Changes you don't see in Malaysia," but unfortunately, it turned out to be a narration of an event that had nothing to do with changes that haven't occured, and focused more on your conclusion that, due to this occurance, you have concluded that things HAVE changed, at least socially if not unequivocally insignificant in there origin.

The Politician said...

Thanks David Kray for the constructive comment and for visiting this blog ;)