March 14, 2010

Do It, Not Because Of Desperation But Because Of Aspiration.

When I was done with an assignment given by the lecturer, many of my course mates who I have never spoke to me before and even smiled at me, they came to 'know' who I was and they became friendly to me. Obviously, I know what they wanted and yeah, why not, they want to look at what I’ve done, take it! This is not something I write to brag about myself because I do that too! Haha.

Anyway, that is an analogy which I could think of when I was writing this post. What does that analogy shows? Lecturer doesn’t give a proper instruction when giving assignments? Yeah, I think they usually don’t! They would just say a brief explanation about it and wala! “Submit to my office by ….”.

I would like to say a little on the friendliness of Malaysian. For us, Malaysian, it is obvious enough that people of one race usually mix around together. That is what you people out there know. 1 month ago, I got an opinion from a foreigner, a Sudanese, when I asked him “what do you think about Malaysian”, he said “I have been 3 years together with them in the same course but some still don’t know my name.” Sam, the Sudanese added that “I notice that the people from Sabah and Sarawak and the non-Malays are friendlier”. That is just one opinion from a foreigner. Many said almost the same thing too.

To a certain extend I do think he’s right but I think Malays are friendly especially the kampong Malays, some developed areas Malays, like in Kuala Lumpur and some low-educated Malays, surprisingly, are friendlier that the smart ones. Based on the analogy which is a true story, when in times of desperation, only then will they start talking.

Last Christmas, my uncle who is an Australian, visited Malaysia. It was so easy for him to make friends and he smiled to everyone who comes into an eye-contact with him, not in the malls, but everywhere else. I was thinking, if he stays here a little longer, many people would know him.

I think it’s time for us to change for the better, not for the politician fake speeches on unity just to show that they aren’t racist, but it is good for us to be friendly. We can start by smiling at our acquaintances. For those who still think it would be awkward, smile at the kids around you, that don’t make you a pedophile kay!(Pedophile means in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children). That will not only make you a friendly person, but the kids will do the same to adults too.

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