April 09, 2009

Returned for His anniversary.


Hello hello, civilisation! It feels great and strange to be home. Like when the gate opened and I saw my home, I couldn't stop smiling. HOME SWEET HOME! My dogs wasn't so welcoming though. You see, I'm now darker and my hair has been cut off, so my dogs didn't recognise me and they started barking at me.

To my dog, Duchess, I was like "You bitch" and then realised it shouldn't insult her, since she IS literally one. They softened up after a while. Well, they'd better, lolz.

Ok, let's get down to NS. NS. NS......... NS.

I seriously can't tell you specifically how I feel. I'm kinda on the fence being pulled on both sides. It's good but it's bad. It's bittersweet. It's good for character-building and discipline but it's also a bit of a waste of time. The trainers are generally fine but they can be quite annoying and insufferable sometimes. These people are hot and cold. One moment they're fine, the next they're cold and hateful. Irritatingly subjective!

Alright, from now on, I'll be writing about random stuff that happened at camp.

Yeah, I was VERY annoyed with this Malay girl. I was walking in the Eating Hall when she and I accidentally brushed our hands against each other. Oh my Lord, you guys, the look she put on as if the sky fell down. The horrified look on her face like I was some dead decomposed being. The Oh-my-Tuhan-I-touched-a-non-bumi look! SO annoying. What kind of mentality is this?

Then, this idiot of a teacher in my company called Bravo. He has this really big ego for such a tiny man. There was this time where he called all of us out into the sun for apparently having a fight. He said it involved a Chinese or two, I dunno, I usually don't pay attention to such people as he. So then he started shouting at us to confess who fought, but none of us remember doing anything, and we were like looking at each other, saying "who did it? No one fought. Who's this dude kidding?" And then, we found out it was the Alpha company that had a row, not us. This wasn't the best part. The trainer didn't even apologise for making us stand under the hot sun for 40 minutes for no bloody reason whatsoever. Instead, he decided to crack a couple of jokes and make us laugh. I actually went "WHAT?!" and he laughed even more. Irritant!

And just like a two or three nights ago, there was this other absolutely ridiculous thing that happened. Right, so, we were in the eatery hall at 9pm for some briefing but before that, the teachers wanted to punish some Malays for being late for isyak prayers (typical). So, the teachers made them jump like a frog on stage. It wasn't something to be so sour about 'cause it was funny and people laughed at all of them. There was this particularly big dude who got really pissed off when people started recording him doing it and shouted at the crowd. The irritant of a teacher I mentioned came around, and went angrily "Siapa yang rekod video itu? MENGAKULAH!" The big dude then said "(The A word) cikgu, janganlah memperbesarkan hal!". OH MY GOSH, if I had a camera I would have taken a picture of the teachers face which had turned pale and stony. He walked away. I was like "Tai sei!". But then, somehow other teachers got emo and started giving us their "Why are you doing this to us?" speech. And then, another dude got emo and started answering the teacher back. One thing led to another and some girls began crying. The stupidity of it all happened so fast! Then there was some apology roll call thing on stage. I didn't go up... what the heck for? I didn't do anything! I couldn't believe how exaggeratedly ridiculous it all became.

There was this other time, when we were lining up for dinner, this group of Muslims came cutting in. People were like, hey get in line! They answered, ahh diam, kita nak sembahyang!.

WTH. Using religious activity as an excuse for rudeness. Lame. Beastly. Irresponsible. Idiotic. C'mon dudes, some integrity if you please. No offense to Islam or anything, but you dudes can't just do what you want when you guys gotta pray. I mean, why didn't you guys come out earlier or something, if you knew you had to pray? You could have easily avoided the non-Muslim crowd who by the way, need to eat as well. So yeah, I was upset with that and how rude they were. Not all of them, but a handful.

And I really gotta bash these dudes up here, I'm sorry, but it must be done. Some guys in NS act as if they've never seen or met someone from the opposite sex before. Seriously. They go whistling and making those stupid noises with their mouths at the girls, treating them like dirt. I could only observe with great disgust. Guys, you're 18 years old, GROW UP! I can't imagine what it will be like for them when they work with girls in the fture. And oh yes, the lame things they say to the girls....I can't even describe it to you. It's beyond the border of terminal lameness.

On the whole, the friends I met there makes the shit that happens in NS unshitty. Lolz. It's true. I've found very nice friends here. Praise the Lord. I thank God that He sent me here too because lots of people here, even the lame ones, live well with one another. Yes, there are those bitter arguments but they're nothing. Well at least for me. I always had the ability to steer clear from social problems. I try not to get involved in anything that doesn't concern or interest me. So I'm quite problem-free and I hope it stays that way. I sit and speak with everyone...Malays, Indians, Chinese.

There's this one problem that I face though. I can't speak Mandarin, and every single Chinese person here speaks it. Some speak English well (thank God for them), some speak ok-ok-la, some just don't. But I live the best out of it. There's always Malay, which basically everyone understands. However, this could be a chance for me to learn a bit of Mandarin, I think. It wouldn't hurt now would it? :)

I also thank God the officers there allowed us to return home for holiday to celebrate Easter. I have until Sunday evening, then I'm headed off into the woods again :( .... oh well, I'm grateful I even get to come home.

Oh man, I make NS sound so crappy, don't I? It isn't so bad as people put it but you know, stuff is bound to happen to make you disappointed. It's all very complicated.

This tires me. I'm off to bed. I dunno when I'll return for my next holiday, but I hope it would be soon. I shall update you all then. For now, take care and God bless :)

To all Christians, blessed Easter! To non-Christians, well be blessed anyway!


dikk said...

isn't it fun to know and understand more about people from different walks of life? of different characters and behaviour.

i think the trainers are really stressed out sometimes.

take some rest naw and enjoy your remaining time when u return there.

Anonymous said...

More often than not I feel embarassed to be associated with Malays, mainly because of the people like those you encountered. Such kampung behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Racism is everywhere, but man we never quite get over it.
Nice blog, Warren, Kelvin, and whoever the last person is. LOL!
Daniel Chen