December 03, 2012

Not Happy, Go Overseas?

Being Malaysian, I have come across suggestions and some who had even done it. Parents or individuals who are not happy with the current situation in Malaysia, they will just choose to leave or migrate to another country.

Prior to this, I used to accept the suggestion and left it as it is. I didn't agree nor disagree. However, I think it is unacceptable, now. I will just write in a more generic manner since I can be arrested in Malaysia for posting my thoughts online.

Let's say we are unhappy about Malaysia because we do not have the freedom of religion. If not that, it could also be that corruption in Malaysia is at its worst. What do we do? "Go OVERSEAS!" That was what others often pitch me. But when you ponder again, do we really solve the problem or do justice? NO.

For those who are able to go overseas, you can avoid the problem. What about those who can't. The poor, oppressed, handicapped and abused... Matters will just get worse with the stronger becoming more dominant.

These are the things that are currently happening in our country. Regardless of what religion we are; Islam, Christian, Hindu or Buddha, I am sure we should uphold justice and defend the weak. Not just leave and let those who cannot do anything suffer. By suffer, you can see what are happening to these awesome country and yet being run by ass holes. Food for thought..

The Politician.

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