September 20, 2012

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge

~ Betch

I must be shot for not posting on this blog for the LONGEST time. The more positive reason would be that I have a LIFE now and I'm too busy to post anything here.... The sadder reason would be that I have nothing exciting in my life to post about... And both reasons are true. Unfortunate for the second reason though. :S

Anyways, to get things moving along... I MET PRINCE WILLIAM AND THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE! I even shook hands with them :D

Okay, hopefully I've gotten people's attention now. So, here's how it all happened.

My friend posted on Facebook about them coming to Malaysia, in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. So I thought I'd tag along just to hang out with him and meet some of his friends. And so it was Friday and I proceeded to KLCC park and sort of waited for Their Royal Highnesses to show up. 

You can imagine the pandemonium when they showed up. People were pushing my friends and I to the front of the barriers because we were right at the front. I even had two pen scribbles on my neck from this journalist who was pushing us. Imbecile.

Prince William looked all royal and prince-like, as he should. He walked down the line with the Duchess. He came up to my side and we said, "Welcome to Malaysia!" 

I managed to shake his hand and just as we shook hands, my friend said to him, "Your Royal Highness!" Because she said that, he turned his attention to her and had this 20-second conversation with her. So that was awesome for us, because Prince William actually took 20 seconds of his royal life to talk to our group. 

The problem was... he didn't let go of my hand when we were shaking hands! His attention had turned to my friend so quickly, he had forgotten to release my hand! So there I was, like an idiot, trying to pry my hands free from his grip. He had a REALLY firm handshake. I thought to myself, "Your Royal Highness, if it's okay... you could just switch my hand over to Kate and let her hold it, that would be amazing, thanks..."

7 - 10 seconds later, he moves on to another person, finally letting go. 

OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, my awkward moment was with Prince William. =.= WAI, universe, WAIIIIIII

The Duchess of Cambridge, or more better known as, Kate Middleton, looked so beautiful, no surprise there. I managed to shake hands with her and I welcomed her to Malaysia to which she replied, "It's my pleasure!" She was reserved but very sweet, and did not speak as much as the Prince. I suppose that's royal protocol.

On another note, I believe the outfit she had worn that morning had made fashion headlines across the world. She looked so elegant and classy that day, I daresay she was literally glowing. :O

They made a round around a segment of the park, shaking hands and greeting people all over. The weather that day was just amazing really, we couldn't have asked for more. Everything went really well :)

My friend who had that 20-second conversation with Prince William was just shaking from excitement after the whole event. She even had reporters interview her about her conversation with the Prince. I believe she appeared in The Star Online and The China Press the next day. I appeared in a blur in one picture in the Star Online. I mustn't have been significant enough :(

Well, that's all for today, folks! Hopefully things pick up for me so that I can share more stories with you guys! I'm sure the next time won't be with royalty, lol.

God bless!

“No one is going to try to fill my mother's shoes, what she did was fantastic. It's about making your own future and your own destiny and Kate will do a very good job of that.” ― Prince William

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