September 20, 2012

I'm okay

I'm on this road of uncertainty,
I think it's called life...
But different people tell me different things.
The more fortunate say it's a phase,
The less, however, say it's bad luck,
But, my dear people, I don't believe in such things.

So where is this place that I'm going?

Quite honestly, I can't be sure.
But I do know that I'm fine...
There's that strange peace...
A sort of light that's guiding me,
An unseen one, but it's there..
and I'm following it.

Yes, of course deep down, there's fear,
I don't think anyone escapes that.
I can't let that stop me though...
Not now, or ever, I'm almost done...
It's almost the end of the road.

So where is this place that I'm going?

I don't know... but I'll be okay.

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