December 03, 2010

No Mercy for the North Koreans? What would you say?

     First was the attack on the South Korean navy ship killing more than 100 crews on board. It was found that the torpedo was from North Korea and there was no action taken against the communist country. Moreover, the North Koreans describe the tragedy as "a great diplomatic victory", said by the North Korean U.N. ambassador. Now, for no valid reason, again, the North Koreans have attacked an small island of the south which is vulnerable. After all of that, they show no regret but they are proud for what they have done.

The USS George Washington being sent to the Yellow Sea after the North Korea's shelling of the South Korea.

                       Military drills performed with the South Koreans.

     Those incidents have led the South Korea and it's ally, the United States to carry out military drills to be prepared for any further threats. America has brought it's nuclear powered warships which shows how serious this matter is and international pressure has been placed on China to not support the North Korea. The U.N. security council wanted to impose more sanctions against the North Korea however, China, who is a permanent member of the security council has used it's veto power to go against the decision.

     International pressure are now being placed on China so that action can be taken against the North Korea. I have seen in a undercover documentary which shows the people in North Korea are suffering and have no knowledge at all of the outer world. The treat the leader of the North Korea as God and are willing to do anything for him. However, the same cannot be said for the leader who is ignorant of what is happening to his people and he uses total dictatorship to control the people there. They have got no connection at all and is not able to go out of North Korea or they will be prosecuted to death.

     I hope that the international pressure will make China regain back its senses. The only way to overcome these unnecessary death is to take out the leader of the North Korea and let its people see the world. What would you say this? Feel free to disagree with the author of the posts.

The Politician.

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