January 11, 2010

Theramblingtrio is 1 Year Old!!!

Theramblingtrio.blogspot.com is now one year old and we, the authors would like to thank the readers for supporting this blog. We would like to know which content that is preferred by our readers by voting the content that you like reading the most at the side bar.

The start of the year begins with the “ALLAH” issue which is now a hot topic of conversation among Malaysians and it’s even hotter among religion in our country. The Catholics won the court case for the usage of the word “ALLAH” in their main newspaper. Following to the victory, an appeal has been made by the Home Ministry to the court.

Like what my colleague said, many churches are being arson and up to this post that I am writing, the total number of it is 8. The case is still being discussed but they have taken their own action…… For me, the most annoying part is by the police force. They kept saying “do not accuse anyone for the incident of the churches and school and stop spreading SMS that can threatened the peace and harmony of the country”…… what the heaven!! It’s like they are saying that we are the one who is responsible for all that!! That’s not all, they also kept saying “jangan risau, semuanya dalam kawalan”…… YEA RITE and more churches and schools are still being attacked. On the other hand, the ones who could think wisely have offered their help to patrol the churches and they are Non-governmental organizations(NGO) which consists of Malays. They are good example how the others should be.....

No doubt the Mr. Barisan National is going to be affected in the next election even the Malays are voting for the DAP and the non-Malays are voting for Pakatan and Pas just for the sake of bringing the Mr. Barisan down.

Lexus LFA

Recently, Lexus has come out with their first supercar called the LFA. It looks good, it’s fast, has fantastic display which is computerized-because analog meters are too slow to react with the drastic change of the engines and all but the only problem is that it costs 340 000 pounds. Compared to other cool cars that I would choose instead of the Lexus is DB9, Lamborghini Murchilago, Ferarri 599 and many more cool cars that cost half the price of a LFA.


4.8 litre of V10 engine

553 horse power at 8,700 rpm

rear-wheel drive

0 to 100km/h in 3.7 s

top speed of 325km/h

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Anonymous said...

LOL , with that kinda Supercar around, BEE.ENN's taikors sure know where to spend the taxpayer's munnny on.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you three!

And erm... that was a smooth transition of topic!

The Politician said...

To Anonymous: I did not say anything about that.... Haha.

To frigidandhappy: Thanks.