January 27, 2010

Finding that balance.


I'm actually yawning at 9pm, how pathetic is that? I'm so sleepy these days. I think studying in KL really can wear one out. Thank God there is a Seremban to return to. I don't care that it is boring, dull and uneventful.... Seremban will always be home to me and a place to escape the snares of college life.

Another semester with five subjects. I'm on a roll since August 2009. Stupid LAN subjects. Please enlighten me, readers, how is Moral Studies (MoS) and Malaysian Studies (MaS) ever important? I mean, would we use it? Would we ever want to apply it? I don't think so. Sure MoS in college is WAY better than the MoS in school, but it really isn't necessary at all! What a waste of money. But it is unfortunately compulsory for Malaysian students to take these two. I got a C for Moral Studies and did not feel a hint of pain. Shows you how much I valued it. I'm taking MaS this semester and heaven knows I need all the help in the world.

Well something new this semester would be World Religions and Research Methods. World religions is as the subject says, about religion and its' background. Reasearch Methods would be a psychology subject. It is rather dull, I must say. It teaches you the methods of research, OBVIOUSLY... and then we have to apply them to project papers and stuff.

I will keep this post short. My eyes are drrrrrrr......................................

ZZZZZZZ..... *snores*

"Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." ~Jules Renard


Anonymous said...

stupid 'LAN' subjects ahahahaha

Arnan Koh said...

i disagree.

When i was in college in KL, i did not find it dull. it was full of life and of things to do.
Coming back to Seremban sometimes felt a bit weird. My hostel room in KL really, really, felt like home.
And although all the studies in college, i enjoyed myself very much.

maybe it because you are in a different college...

but i really loved college.

Betch said...

arnan, don't misunderstand me, I did not say i hated college... i love it, despite certain problems... i prefer this anytime to school... sometimes, after a long week, and i feel drained, i like to go home to recharge my batteries... and then head back for another week...

college is a vibrant and open-ended place to be, how can one not love it unless they hate what they're studying?