October 06, 2012

Romney vs Obama (1st Presidential Debate)

The recent debate, did you watched it?

Romney with his vast experience in the corporate world is of course a candidate that Obama would take on seriously, but some mistakes he did, accidentally or on purpose, said that the rich should not be taxed to help the poor. From a political perspective, this would affect his popularity, definitely.

Let's put that aside, in terms of ideas, I did watched the debate.

Both came up with their own ideas. Let me put them in simple words below:


1. He aspires to decrease the deficit by making sure the economy of the country progresses which will then lead to the increase of taxes. He did not spoke much details on how but this was one of the main ideas. The surety of this is still ambiguous unless he comes up with the details- it might even threatens Obama's position as the POTUS.


1. Increasing taxes of the rich in order to help the country bounce back. This is an unpopular move but will definitely help the country.

Mitt Romney(left) and Barack Obama(right)- as if you can't tell who are they...

More details on the debate, go watch on youtube. Both of them are awesome candidates for the POTUS and I personally look forward in their next debate and the elections.

Compared to Malaysia, look how professional they are when debating.....

Peace out.

The Politician

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