May 25, 2012

Najib Isn't Changing M'sia Much...

Dear readers,

The general election can be called upon anytime by the Premier which must be done prior to March 2013. With obvious signs of the current government weakening due to many reasons:

1. Severe corruption
2. Najib's problems like the accusation of the Mongolian model and overpriced submarine purchases
3. BN's control on media, papers and some said the election committee which I find that it easy to believe.

A year ago, I think the opposition is weakening but it still managed to hold itself well- haven't self-destruct. Personally, I believe that opposition, PKR in particular should field better candidates for the next general election so that, if they win, they would not jump over.

However, the most important question is, IF PR coalition wins, which I still doubt, would BN give way peacefully?

Many have suggested that documents will be destroyed, they will try to hold on or even cause havoc, and etc. Racial tension... Hmm... I don't think so but there would be a lot of street demos... Possibly that would be bad for businesses.

But again, with the current election commission, it would not be easy for the opposition.

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