March 16, 2012


~ Betch

The politician speaks the truth. I've been busy with many things. And also, when I did find time for myself, I thought of blogging but I had no inspiration. I didn't know what to write about. 

Well anyways, moving on... 2012 sure is something, don't you think? I mean, at least it is for me... I'm halfway through my junior year in college, working part-time for this online-shopping website, driving in KL, and donating blood for the first time. Quite an eventful start, I would say. I sure hope the end of the world isn't this year.

And we won't know until it happens.

One should not dread the unexpected, but receive it and be at peace with a matter that's out of his control. Worrying can lead one to do the least of everything, which is nothing. 

It's three in the morning, I shall be off to bed. I promise to return with new happenings to blog about!

God bless!

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