October 01, 2010

Is being good worth it?

After looking at things for the past 1 year, I learnt a lot and discovered many new things. Being in a complete different group than I was before, my conscience is really being put to the test.

Studying in a place which consists of almost 99% students who are scholars is definitely a tough place to be in because the peer pressure is high but I am sure that it is the same everywhere. One thing that differentiates is the people, here, who might become successful engineers, academicians, programmers and probably the leaders of various organizations and country, are doing their 'BEST' in getting the highest results in whatever way possible. The best meaning they would do anything, even though it is bad....

Many creative methods were used to cheat at tests that would result in them having almost perfect score! In their opinion, that's the most important thing! Thus, making honest people to turn bad and want to follow them in order to excel in studies but in the wrong way! 

Not only that, in order to save money, these future leaders are shop lifting, stealing and would do anything to benefit them. Please do bear in mind that there people maybe the future leaders.... What about those who are poor and not educated? Even the rich are stealing, what about the poor?

I really hope that they come into their senses and do the right thing in order to slow down the effects of Armageddon- the end of the world. Some of the bad things done are just beyond imagination...

The Politician

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